Window Display for One Hair Salon

I had the pleasure of designing a permanent window display for One Hair Salon in Albany, NY. The owner, Olivia, was looking for a lush feature for the two bay windows that frame the entrance to her salon. 

When I arrived for the initial consultation, Olivia handed me a bag from Pier 1 Imports housing a set of silver lanterns. She had found them on sale and liked their look- but didn't know how to incorporate them in the space. This set the tone- I imagined hanging plants and old-fashioned string lights. The interior of the salon is very eclectic- combining bright pops of art work, houseplants and a mix of hand collected decorative objects. I wanted to have that voice echoed in the front windows! 

Establishing what kind of sunlight the windows get throughout the day determined what kind of plants would live in them. South East sun provides plenty of morning and afternoon sunlight, so I went with Pothos and Rhipsallis. Both plants love sun and will continue to evolve over time- Pothos growing long and viney, and the Rhipsallis getting hot pink tips and fruit!

While at my studio I began to cut through some of the wire meshing on the lanterns, creating an opening where the Pothos could sit inside and spill out. 

Installation took about two hours. First went up the wood slats, cut to size for each window. They provided an area from which to hang each element. Then, the lanterns were strung with twine and placed at varying heights. Last came the string lights. I was looking for a grape vine effect- organic, whimsical and balanced. It took a couple of tries, for each window, and lots of running outside to look from the front. 

The floor space was left open for product placement and signage. Olivia is so pleased with the final result- as am I! Now, if only it were easier to get good pictures through the window!

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