Cool and Thoughtful

I had the pleasure of meeting Kerrin Smith at the store, a few weeks ago. She had come in with a friend- visiting Troy, from NYC. I was asked be part of her project- Cool and Thoughtful. She sent a list of amazing questions, asked for a peek at some of my favorite things, and a hand drawn doodle page to be filled out by me!

The interview questions were so thought provoking- I was surprised by how deeply genuine my answers were, and how easily they came to me. Questions like: "What do you burn for?" and "What is the most important thing you've learned lately?" You can check out my answers here, and read more about the CATiD mission here. I loved reading other empowering women's entries, too- check them out!

What I got most out this interaction was connection- connection to myself, my business, Kerrin, the women who also shared their stories. It created a feeling of ongoing inspiration, that we are all doing the best we can in our lives. I am so happy and proud to have been included in such a great project!

Pictures taken by Michael Valiquette