Not the Moon Dinner Party

"There is nothing you can see that is not a flower.
There is nothing you can think that is not the moon."
- Basho

On August 29th, Colie from Flower Scout and I put on a dinner party for our friends and fellow young professionals. We formed the concept around a poem written by Basho and focused on Japanese minimalism, creating a Wabi-Sabi-esque esthetique. We wanted a special reason to showcase our abilities, and what's better than a one-of-a-kind dinner party! Once we created the concept, menu (all whole, in-season foods) and sourced the materials we split off into our respective areas of focus. While it wasn't quite so cut and dry, and really more of a collaboration all around- I was in charge of placement and food, and Colie tackled flowers and hand-dyed all the linens! We also asked that each guest contribute in their area of expertise. Our invites and placards were designed by Caroline Corrigan and printed by Publication Studio Hudson. Photos were taken by Michael Valiquette and the cake was made by Graciela of ME Studio (an amazing architecture firm, but she also makes the most amazing Vegan/GF cakes!).

The party was better than either of us hoped for- everything worked seamlessly and we all had an amazing time! So great, in fact, that we've already begun planning for the next one! Interested in our services for your next private event or wedding? Send an email to

Window Display for One Hair Salon

I had the pleasure of designing a permanent window display for One Hair Salon in Albany, NY. The owner, Olivia, was looking for a lush feature for the two bay windows that frame the entrance to her salon. 

When I arrived for the initial consultation, Olivia handed me a bag from Pier 1 Imports housing a set of silver lanterns. She had found them on sale and liked their look- but didn't know how to incorporate them in the space. This set the tone- I imagined hanging plants and old-fashioned string lights. The interior of the salon is very eclectic- combining bright pops of art work, houseplants and a mix of hand collected decorative objects. I wanted to have that voice echoed in the front windows! 

Establishing what kind of sunlight the windows get throughout the day determined what kind of plants would live in them. South East sun provides plenty of morning and afternoon sunlight, so I went with Pothos and Rhipsallis. Both plants love sun and will continue to evolve over time- Pothos growing long and viney, and the Rhipsallis getting hot pink tips and fruit!

While at my studio I began to cut through some of the wire meshing on the lanterns, creating an opening where the Pothos could sit inside and spill out. 

Installation took about two hours. First went up the wood slats, cut to size for each window. They provided an area from which to hang each element. Then, the lanterns were strung with twine and placed at varying heights. Last came the string lights. I was looking for a grape vine effect- organic, whimsical and balanced. It took a couple of tries, for each window, and lots of running outside to look from the front. 

The floor space was left open for product placement and signage. Olivia is so pleased with the final result- as am I! Now, if only it were easier to get good pictures through the window!

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Cool and Thoughtful

I had the pleasure of meeting Kerrin Smith at the store, a few weeks ago. She had come in with a friend- visiting Troy, from NYC. I was asked be part of her project- Cool and Thoughtful. She sent a list of amazing questions, asked for a peek at some of my favorite things, and a hand drawn doodle page to be filled out by me!

The interview questions were so thought provoking- I was surprised by how deeply genuine my answers were, and how easily they came to me. Questions like: "What do you burn for?" and "What is the most important thing you've learned lately?" You can check out my answers here, and read more about the CATiD mission here. I loved reading other empowering women's entries, too- check them out!

What I got most out this interaction was connection- connection to myself, my business, Kerrin, the women who also shared their stories. It created a feeling of ongoing inspiration, that we are all doing the best we can in our lives. I am so happy and proud to have been included in such a great project!

Pictures taken by Michael Valiquette

Takk House Container Garden Install

Takk House is a local wedding and events space in the heart of Downtown Troy, NY. The historic building was bought and renovated by Heidi and Frank Sicari, who host the ever-growing list of events held at the space. Whether it's a photo shoot, music event or full blown wedding- it's a guaranteed magical experience!

It was such a pleasure working with them while coming up with a solution for their front-of-building entrance. To the left of their glamorous marquee is a fenced in space that recesses about 2.5 feet below street level, and houses two windows to their soon-to-be underground bowling venue. This unique space immediately draws attention, but unfortunately- passerby's trash and litter, as well. We decided that the space needed to be filled, while keeping open access to the basement windows. We also decided that the large 11 foot window above the space could benefit from some plantings as well!

First, I installed a commissioned black-lacquered window box to match their marquee, then filled the 11 foot box with trailing Ivy and Buddleja (Butterfly Bush). It immediately lifted the face of the building, bringing in a pop of color and texture!

Next came the potted garden. I installed (with the help of my aunt!) 19 terra cotta pots in assorted sizes- ranging from 10 to 24 inches in diameter. I decided to use all medicinal and edible plants- to play along with the space's unique presence. Plus, who doesn't love a big, juicy tomato plant? Also included are Bee Balm, Dill, Licorice, Sage, Lavender, Yarrow, Cabbage, Salvia, and Basil!

The finished product was just as I had imagined it. The space was full, lush and purposive- and Heidi and Frank were thrilled!

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